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 Wrap it Up 
Lava shell massage with sesame oil with essential oils of lavender and orange and body wrap,for added warmth and moisture


Russian Honey Cellulite Treatment

Hot Honey worked into muscles, alleviating deep tissue troubles, honey acting like an anti-toxin, and Bellabaci™ Super Cups pulling and tightening skin, activating the collagen and elastin, restoring look and feel of skin.



Honey Facelift Massage

with Glass Micro Cups

Warm Honey used to pull skin to increase collegen and elastin in skin, lifting and toning using massage strokes and glass micro cups to break up stagnation, clear lymph, and help reduce apperance of  fine lines & wrinkles.


Hot Shea Butter Body Wrap

Starts with dry skin brushing to remove dead and flaky skin cells, application of warm Shea Butter for moisturizing effect. Wrapped and left to cook while head and feet are massaged. Finished with hot Lava Bambu ® to legs and back for this full body hot treatment.

$80 with Lava Bambu®


Facelift Massage

with Glass Micro Cups & Cold Stones

Micro cups used to lift and pull skin, allowing for increased blood flow which will help fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out.  Cold Stones with cool and tighten, reducing look of broken blood vessels.  This is a pumping treatment that will leave skin looking younger and firmer.



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