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Spring Summer 2020

In Bloom

Jasmine Rose and Geranium essential oils in shea butter

and dry skin brushing for fresh soft skin health 

Perk Me Up

Coffee and Orange EO in cocoa butter with dry skin brushing for perky sking and detoxification 

Floral Spice 

Rose and Clove EO in Coconut oil for rejuvenating skin care and moisturizer 

Dirty Chai
Clove Cardamom Black Pepper Ginger Cinnamon Nutmeg Allspice 
with Coffee EO in coconut oil for spicy and moisturizing treatment


Summer Woods

Cedarwood Cypress and Orange EO
or transportive experience 


Pain in the Hiker

Pine Arnica and Spruce EO 

for pain relief  from tired and overworked summer muscles

Languish the Lava 

Lava Shell Massage with coconut oil for heated

Swedish massage for muscle relief and deep relaxation


Seasonal Foot Treatments


Red Clay Foot Treatment

Red clay foot mask with chai spice sugar scrub
with Reflexology for total foot treatment 


Raw Honey and Cinnamon Foot Treatment

Raw Honey & Cinnamon EO with sugar scrub

and Reflexology for detoxifying and stimulating foot treatment 



Hot and Salty 

Cowrie heated shell massage with salt scrub and

Reflexology for total foot relaxation and healing 


Face Lift Massage and Cellulite Treatments


~Honey Cinnamon Detox facelift massage with cupping and cold stones 


~Honey Cellulite treatment with cupping to break up tissue stagnation and stretch and lift skin

+ addition of essential oils for lasting effects


Summer Body Wrap Add-on

Dry skin brushing, application of coconut oil with EO of tangerine, chamomile and amyris 

for smooth clean cooling skin, just in time for summer. 
$20 add on to any massage



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