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Mid Winter 2020 Menu

[All Aromatherapy Services use Pure Essential Oils and can Be Any Length Full Body Massage]

Open Sesame

Arnica Turmeric Clove Essential oils in Sesame oil for Muscle Pain and Fatigue

Eastern Woods

Thuja Cedarwood Pine Aroma Massage 

Too Hot Too Not

Lava shell massage with paraffin on hands and feet.. Ginger Black Pepper and Nutmeg EO in Coconut Oil  

Dirty Chai Spice
Cinnamon Ginger Cardamom
Black Pepper Clove 
with Coffee


Olive Branch

Oregano Rosemary Thyme Aroma Massage in Organic Olive Oil

O Christmas Tree

Spruce Amyris Orange Aroma Massage

Middle East Ease 

Full body massage with body wrap and frankincense rose clove and cypress essential oil in Sesame oil


Seasonal Foot Treatments


Triple Mint Clay Foot Mask with Reflexology

Spearmint Peppermint and Wintergreen in clay mask for feet, followed by Reflexology Session


Sugar & Spice Brown Sugar Scrub with Paraffin and Reflexology

Allspice Nutmeg and Cinnamon in Brown Sugar Scrub and Paraffin wax for total Foot Treatment



Salty Citrus Cowrie Treatment 

foot scrub with reflexology treatment with cowrie shells for added warmth  





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